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We offer a comprehensive and bespoke colour matching service based on computerised colour measurement technology, using the Datacolor Spectrophotometer. We can draw on a range of tens of thousands of colours created over many years in the industry.

We also offer a “Stock” colour range – this range includes popular colours for various applications which are cost-effective and readily available.

Our laboratory facility has employed the expert colour matchers in the industry to ensure our colour is consistent every time. Each new colour sample provided by the customer is matched specifically to customer specifications, including light fastness, food approval, heat stability, process ability, carrier polymer, as well as the process for which the product is intended. We have extensive laboratory equipment which simulates the intended application, and facilitates extensive testing on the customer’s behalf. Once the colour is approved, a master standard is held on file indefinitely. Only formulae which have been approved by you are entered into our system for production.

Part of the colour matching process assesses the application for which the product is intended, to make sure that the materials being used are the most cost effective and relevant for the job at hand.

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